30 May

I’l be honest, I had to visit the Merriam Webster website to figure out what a “meme” is. But now that I have, I’m gonna give it a shot! Thanks for including me, SiBaW!

1. I wish I could…have more knowledge of my family history. I know that I am a descendant of the Vilna Gaon, and that many of my ancestors made difficult life altering decisions in order remain Torah committed Jews. The small bits of info that I do know are highly inspiring, and I feel that if I knew more, I’d have a better idea of what my Tafkid (purpose) is in this life.

2. My biggest fear is…not living to my potential. G-d blessed me with so many glorious opportunities and I pray that He helps me recognize which ones I should and should not take.

3. I hate to…ask for help. But thank G-d, I’ve gotten better at overcoming this nisayon (test).

4.  I love…the depth of Torah. The fact that my favorite quote from the Gemara is based on my favorite pasuk in Tanach is a small example of that. The greatest part is,  did not realize this interrelation much after I had learned each one in a separate context.

5. Today I will…thank Hashem. Every day G-d gives me is a new opportunity to be more focused, more committed and more joyous in my service of Him. Every day there are multiple things to thank Him for. Today happens to be particularly joyous day, for today I start a new journey; a summer program will allow me to grow in more ways than I can imagine at this moment in time.

6. Yesterday…I was able to participate in two regional NCSY convetions and go to my friends’ wedding (yes, my friends married each other!). If that doesn’t scream Chasdei Hashem for you, I don’t know what else will.

7. My hair is…brown, slightly wavy and long. The last lady who cut it left some uneven strands, but Baruch Hashem, I’ve never gotten more compliments about my hair. Strange, but I’m not complaining 🙂

8. I will never…say never about something, because in my experience, then I’m tested in what I say I’ll never do. The only thing I can say never about is that I will never be anything but a Jew. That can’t be changed, Baruch Hashem, and IYH, I will not have to be harshly tested in that area (please, please, please).

I think that now I am supposed to tag someone else and ask them to do answer the same questions. Well, PNN, if you have a spare moment to write a meme  (which means “same” in French), go for it!

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