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A New Kind of Profile

31 Mar

World, meet Chas. This 40-year old creative ad exec from San Fransisco is looking for a leading lady, and if you so happen to introduce him to her, he’ll give you 10 K.

His site’s stark yet storybook-esque layout got me thinking…what would my personal “Hook Coral Up” website look like? What facts about myself would I include? This is what I’ve thought of so far:


As you can tell from my portrait, I’m a smiley, positive girl who has the high school senior photo pose down cold. But there is a lot more to me than my charming girl-next-door appeal.

For me, fun doesn’t involve a lot of money. I like to enjoy the simpler things in life, like finding artful representations of the universe in ceiling tiles and blowing bubbles.

My culinary repertoire is modest yet playful to the palate. I make everything from fluffy french toast to various forms of pasta. “Just add salt” is my secret to success.

Libraries are my personal black holes. Once I’m in,  I’m sucked in…but in a good way. Reading by myself is fun, but reading aloud with someone else (especially Shakespeare) is funner. I really get a kick out of filling up my head with heaps of random knowledge…

…which is why I’m so good at Disney Trivial Pursuit. You up to the challenge?

But I’m not all fun and games. I take Torah, mitzvot and halacha very seriously. My deeply sincere emunah and bitachon can easily be observed while I am steeped in prayer.

Watching football is fun!  Since I was unable to find a photo of a young woman positively engaged in a football game, this picture will just have to do.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. However, there is no denying that donuts make the world just a littler bit brighter. That’s what I believe, anyway.


Alrighty. I was born in an Eastern-American city and have lived in a few more since. I attended a Jewish all-girls high school in the Tri-State area and then continued to an all-women seminary in Jerusalem. I now go to college. Am I being slightly vague? Hmmm.  Maybe if you look at how cute I was as a baby, you won’t care!


What am I looking for? Good question. Kind, giving, honest, modest and responsible. Someone positive, optimistic about life and on fire about Judaism. A strong appreciation for Dr. Seuss books and the Staten Island Ferry would be amazing but aren’t mandatory.


I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

15 Mar

Monday was just one of those days for me. It was sunny, warm and pleasant outside but inside, I felt like doodie. My math homework was unfinished, my car’s tires were looking rather saggy and to top it all off, I still have no clue as to what I am doing next semester. Should I stay where I am? Should I go? Should I work full-time? Is it even an option not to? Life was looking pretty glum.

Then I turned on the radio. Now you have to understand, the seemingly simple act of turning on the radio can be a volatile twist of the wrist when it comes to me. As I mentioned once before, I am a Word person. When I say that I am a “Word person” I do not mean to convey that I am irreversibly smitten with Microsoft software. I am very astute and meticulous when it comes to words, specifically in lyrical form. So when I’m in a mood, be it gleeful, morose or complicated, the words of the radio are going to either soothe or inflame that mood.

When my mood is of the morose variety, I tend to not want to listen to anything. Sappy love songs make me want to throw an ax. It’s a good thing I don’t have one. Sad songs are sometimes cathartic yet most of the times are so dissimilar from my personal crisis that I turn them off anyway…So when I flicked the jazz station on that heinous Monday morning, I wasn’t doing so with high hopes.

But then I heard these following lyrics:

Got no diamonds got no pearls

Still I think I’m a lucky girl

I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night

Got no mansion got no yacht

Still I’m happy with what I got

I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night


“Whoa!” was my first thought, ” Good morning, G-d!” Usually I turn on the radio and feel like crud but this time…this time I was starting to feel light and alright. The Pacific has been rocked by tsunamis and hurricanes. An innocent Israeli family was slaughtered. The Middle East is starting to look like the Bronx Zoo without bars. What the heck am I complaining about? I don’t have my life in perfect order? I’m struggling with decisions? I’m feeling kind of alone? It’s normal to feel bummed out about those things. It can even be considered necessary in order to move me forward in life, but there is so much I do have. The difference between my pain and the pains of those in Japan, Israel and the rest of the Middle East is that I can change my situation. I have choices in the matter. They don’t. What’s gone is gone. What’s happened is over and done with, never to be repaired. And as I look at my life and wonder, “what I am supposed to do with it and how,” I remember that G-d has given me so much. Maybe my lack of appreciation has got in the way. Maybe what I really need to do is stop wondering and start thanking. Just life. Think, but not too much. Plan. Stop being afraid of the closed doors and search for the open ones.  I am a “lucky” girl. I’m a blessed girl. Sometimes it takes turning on the radio to hear that.


2 Mar

Hi, my name is Coral Cap and I am a Thinkaholic.

It started when I was but a small lassie. I was a miracle child both at home and at school because I never said a peep about being bored. I found my head to be a very interesting place, so if I found my body to be in a rather yawnsome reality, I’d just flip my focus from the here-and-now to the here-in-head. This was great as a kid because, as you most probably have realized, all society wants of children these days is quiet. (Most) Teachers didn’t care if I scribbling downs the facts of the Enlightenment or transcript for a book I had hoped to have published by senior year. I was less interested in Pythagorean Theorems and Linear Equations and more intrigued by what exactly I was doing on this earth. To do math problems? Nah. To get a high school diploma so I could get a college degree so I could get a Master’s degree and maybe a PhD for kicks? I couldn’t think that far in advance. All I could think about was the here-and-now. What was I meant to be doing now? How could I make my existence more meaningful now? Was I doing the right thing now? What was right, what was wrong and how was I supposed to know the difference?

As I got older I learned any laudable achievement means doing things I find to be a complete waste of time. So while I find my “Pluralism” course to be a mind-numbing way to start my morning, I go to it anyway because I know I’m not getting my degree without it. I understand certain values I did not “get” a couple of years ago, yet I still remain a Thinkaholic. I am constantly asking myself if I’ve made the “right” decisions and using G-d’s gifts of life and ability properly.

Because of my natural tendency to think, I find prayer to be a rewarding and positive activity. Prayer is a set time to think- about what I have, what I need, what I don’t need, what I want…it’s thinking time between me and G-d.

Thinking has its pros, but one area where it has really hurt me is in the dating field. I have gotten to the point where I can go out, relax and “see where it goes” but even so, there’s always this nagging voice asking me to identify if this is The One. “Something isn’t right,” it will tell me. And I don’t know if that’s because there really is something wrong or if it’s just the same old yetzer hara which has tripped me up in the past; which has persuaded me into a paralysis of pondering rather than action.

So what is a Thinkaholic to do? How do I channel my Nothing Box when all I’ve ever done is think? Feedback from fellow Thinkaholics is encouraged.