There’s Always a Bright Side

1 Feb

I’m not sure if you noticed, but it’s snowing outside. Oh right, maybe you are one of those blessed people who live in Florida, Israel or New Mexico. Don’t talk to me right now. I have no interest in your 70 degree, partly cloudy weather. The only person I want to talk is the one with enough money to scoop up all the snow in the Tri-State area and dump it in the Kineret. New York has already surpassed its $38 million snow control budget so don’t ask them for help; they’re out for the season.

Even Mother Nature is getting bored with this snowy situation. Today she decided to change it up a bit and bring on a full-fledged flurry of snow pellets. I’ve heard of sleet and I’ve heard of hail but never before have I heard or seen snow pellets. It makes me think of rabbit food. White rabbit food. However, when I went to clean off my car this morning, I indeed saw there is such a thing as snow pellets, and I began to sing.

Yes, sing. You see, I am currently amidst getting over a rather stubborn infection. It’s stuffed up my nose, head and chest. It feels yucky, but I have to admit, the way my vocal cords sound when I put them to a tune is undeniably hilarious. I have no control as to what sounds they will make or what notes they will (or will not) hit. Therefore, I have made it my sick day tradition to warble whatever song comes to mind. I can’t control what I sound like, but I can find a way to enjoy the situation none-the-less.

And that’s how I’ve decided to look at this day. The snow is still pourin’ down. I will have to dig my car out for the second time this week with a stuffy nose and boots ravaged by winter wear-and-tear. The box of Puffs tissues is almost finished but still…the birds are still chirping, the squirrels are still stupidly trying to barge through my side door and the deer still scour for food. Life goes on. I can’t control what comes my way, but I can control my attitude. So I’m going to sing. I’m pretty sure it’s not kol isha since I sound like a cross between a frog and a dying Furby. I’m being objective by the way; no doubt about it.

So…any requests?


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