Wimpy Winnifred

29 Dec

There is a girl who lives inside of me,

Her name is Wimpy Winnifred.

And when things don’t quite go my way,

She kvetches inside my head:

You talk too fast,

You think too slow.

What you meant to say,

Nobody knows!

You do too much,

You do too little.

You’re only good enough to be second fiddle.

He seems to like you,

but can’t you see?

It simply, simply cannot be.

How would you know he means what he says?

That his words are true?

Silly girl, what’s gotten into you!

I take her aside

and sit her down

and insist she wipe off that atrocious frown:

The words you say and the thoughts you think,

Will surely confine you to the couch of a shrink.

So do yourself a favor,

And for the rest of us too,

Read a new book.

Take a trip to the park

In case you didn’t know or have not a clue,

There are so many, so many things you can do!

You can learn to eat fire

and play the kazoo

You can march in a marching band

and row a canoe.

Read Shakespeare ’til you’re blue in the face

What light through yonder window breaks.

Tricycle, bicycle

Learn about the cell cycle.

Invent a new fruit,

Drive a new car,

Take a whole night to look at the stars.

There are so many things to be done and said

So please, Wimpy Winnifred, move out of my head.


One Response to “Wimpy Winnifred”

  1. aminspiration December 29, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    Wimpy Winnifred is the voice of the satan always telling us taht were are not good enough and that we cannot possibly succeed. We have to fight the good fight every day..and try our hardest to do our best!

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