Life Within The Bubble

14 Mar

The Bubble. We all know what it is, in fact, I doubt I have to explain to most of you what The Bubble is. It’s famous throughout the world; a hotspot for all to see. You either love it or love to hate it, those are the only two choices. Where can you find this bulbous metropolis?

(Sing it with me) New york, Newwwwww York!

It’s not a secret, the hub of Jewish life in America is the hustling, bustling Big Apple. Sure, Jewish life exists elsewhere. There are thriving communities in LA, Boca, Miami, Chicago, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Detroit and Boston, but they pale in New York’s glistening shadow. Oh, and when I say New York, I also mean NJ. I understand most NYers see NJ as its annoying little sister, but don’t pretend that NJers don’t see you slowly creeping into Teaneck, Englewood and Passaic. Admit it, suburbia aint so bad.

However for those of us who are still single, living in The Bubble is almost a must. It is possible to date from Out-of-Town, but this is an arduous task. Make no mistake NYers, an OOTer makes quadruple the amount the effort that you ever will for a date. I know it’s a pain in the tuchus to drive alllll the way over the GW to get to NJ, but imagine the people who fly in from Chicago and Detroit. The inevitable truth is the inevitable truth, and that is, The Bubble is where the action is. OOTers know it and they go to it.

And there are reasons why NY  is the best place to date. It didn’t get it’s Bubble status by just having a mammoth amount of Jews condensed into the same area. It has way more than that. It has:

1) Kosher restaurants galore.

2) Yeshiva University

2) Many a shul to choose from.

3) Vibrant community life.

4) Hundreds of date possibilities.

Let’s be honest here, YU has created a young, Jewish empire. Young adults from all over the world flock to this institution to experience The Bubble life. Not everyone decides to submerge themselves into the social scene, but it’s definitely there. If there’s one place to meet on your own, it’s at a YU event. With many to choose from, whether it be political, chessed-oriented or whatever else, the odds of meeting someone you like are pretty good.

However, life does exist outside of Washington Heights and 34th Street. Take the Jamaica-bound and you’re sure to hit the friendly borough of Queens. Having both single and family communities, Queens is the perfect place to transition from singlehood to married life. Convenience is of essence in Queens. It goes by the name of Main Street. One may find themselves in a pickle, having to choose between pizza, sushi, coffee, meat, Mexican food and Chinese food, but it’s all there, all under the same zip code. In need of a shul? Take your pick. There are at least 3 on every block. Queens is great for the working person/student with its proximity to Brooklyn and Manhattan. For the person looking to live a little more of a “real” life, Queens is the place to be.

Or you can go to Brooklyn. Enjoy the challenge of finding a parking spot? Then Brooklyn is the place for you! Who needs to go anywhere in specific on a date? In fact, looking for parking brings out the best and worst in people. It is the litmus test every couple should take before getting engaged. I’m not a huge  fan of Brooklyn, so writing about Brooklyn is not a good idea. I like The Sunflower Cafe. They have good food. Next place!

For those who like a secluded area, take the ferry down to Staten Island. With community comradery like no other borough has, SI is a great place to go and just feel good. It’s the best kept secret of The Bubble. One can have a quiet, laid-back date, starting with the scenic ferry ride down (take note boys: it’s free). There is what to eat down there, nothing fancy, but being spotted by friends, family members and exes is a lot less likely.  Go on, give it a try. I mean if you need a “finer” atmosphere to call it a date, then forget my advice, but if you’re the kind of person with an adventurous  spirit, then go for it.

I have to admit, I really like the bubble. There are so many places to explore (I didn’t even cover Manhattan. Maybe another time), and so many people to explore it with. Hopefully, each and every one of us will find our RD’s in a timely fashion, so we’ll only have to explore it with one very special person, but I dunno…I still find it encouraging that there are so many people from all over the place in crevice of the world. It’s the one place that opens up the possibilities. Even with its semantics, it’s the one place* that keeps me hopeful and confident that G-d will help me find The Real Deal.

*The one place outside of Jerusalem. That is another place full of possibilities. To be discussed at a late point in time.


10 Responses to “Life Within The Bubble”

  1. FrumJewInYU March 14, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

    New York, baby! Only place besides Israel I’d even consider living. (I’d rather OOT than Brooklyn, though. Yech.)

  2. Bored Jewish Guy March 15, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    It’s funny that you didn’t even mention places in Manhattan b/c that’s pretty much the only place in New York I’ve gone on dates. NY, is definitely the place to be for dating, it’s not fun or cheap having to fly in from “far far away”.

    • coralcap March 15, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

      Ah yes there’s so much to say about Manhattan. I really should add in a lil blurb about it. I think I will. Nice Shrek reference and it’s definitely not cheap. Problem is, it’s not any cheaper to live there.

  3. FrumJewInYU March 15, 2010 at 12:07 am #

    Shrek reference! Nice work, BJG.

  4. harryer than them all April 15, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    of all places in NY i love the city the most, however as for living there, i prefer somewhere warmer with a big backyard and a wraparound porch

  5. harryer than them all April 15, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    forgot to subscribe

  6. coralcap April 15, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    The city is a lot of fun. It’s a great place to live when single, and when first married but I can’t imagine raising kids in any of the five boroughs. Maybe Staten Island, but I’d way rather live somewhere that’s easier to access. Jersey works for me.

  7. harryer than them all April 15, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    i thought the point of the post was to say how while you appreciate NYC and it has many maalos, you don’t necessarily want to live there. NJ doesn’t count, its just a ‘burb of NY.
    Or as a South Jersey girl in my class told me “its northern jersey people who give the rest of jersey a bad name”

  8. coralcap April 15, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    I would live in the city/the Bronx/Queens/ maybe even Brooklyn for a limited amount of time. If there is a good reason to be there (say, college/grad school) then it’s a good place to be for a few years. However, it’s not a place that I could see myself settling in. Hey, G-d’s in control and led me to stranger places, so who knows. If I get my way, I’d raise my family in NJ, which yes, can be considered a suburb of NY. The real question is, if you’re looking for greener pastures, why not to to Long Island? I would still choose NJ b/c it’s close enough for you to be in on the action but far enough away to not get caught up in the NY mentality (yes, I’m a Jersey girl if you couldn’t tell). I lived in northern NJ for many years, and although I complained abt it sometimes, it really was a great place to grow up, make friends and be frum .

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